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Tanaka Electric Laboratory Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of dust detectors and markets dust detectors that assist in environmental conservation without the need for maintenance, both domestically and overseas. We produce radiation meters on commission for large electrical manufacturers.

Main products and services


Tanaka Electric Laboratory Co., Ltd. has successfully used the skills passed down to us by our grandparents for the development of new products.

In the 1970s, when pollution issues were becoming a social phenomenon, the third generation president, Toshibumi Tanaka, decided to try to create a device to improve the environment in the immediate vicinity of factories. Building on the printed circuit board technology developed by his grandfather, he spent about 20 years of repeated trial and error to eventually succeed in marketing a dust detector that does not require maintenance both domestically and overseas.


Why is this useful for environmental conservation?

If a large quantity of smoke (particulate matter) is released from a factory's chimneys, it can cause asthma through atmospheric and soil pollution. By measuring the particulate matter in the gas that is continuously emitted by chimneys each day, we can not only conserve the environment, but also protect our health.


What is the DDM-2001 dust detector?

The DDM-2001 is a high-performance dust detector that is fitted with a maintenance-free sensor that eliminates the need for maintenance through a direct light scattering method. It has become a popular product that is installed at most Japanese domestic power stations etc. because not only is it able to detect miniscule quantities of particulate matter, it is also able to be used in high temperature and high pressure environments, and it is easy to install and does not require maintenance.

Company Outline

Company name Tanaka Electric Laboratory Co., Ltd
Name of representative President Toshibumi Tanaka
Address 3-30-10, Kyodo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 156-0052
Telephone 03-3425-2381
Fax 03-3425-2373
E-mail office@tanaka-e-lab.com
URL http://www.tanaka-e-lab.com/
Type of business Environmental business: Development, production, sales, and servicing of dust detectors.
OEM product business: Design and manufacture of electronic devices as well as software design. Design and manufacture of equipment housing. Production of trial products and one-off products on commission.
PCB business: Design and manufacture of printed circuit boards (including surface mount boards).
Year of establishment December 17, 1963
Capital ¥ 25 million