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Hirota Glass Co., Ltd. has a history spanning 116 years. We produce and sell 'edo kiriko,' which is a traditional Japanese art form.
Hirota Glass Co., Ltd. produces unique vibrant patterned works of art through the painstaking craftsmanship of dedicated artisans.

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What is edo kiriko?

Edo kiriko is a beautiful form of glasswork in which the surface of the glass is engraved, which is used for tableware and utensils that originated in Edo (present day Tokyo) in 1834, which was close to the end of the Edo Period. The distinctive cutting of the glass is a feature or edo kiriko. This uniquely Japanese product is enjoyed by tourists from all over the world.


All products created by artisans

All edo kiriko products are individually hand-made. The combination of the vibrant red color and precise cutting creates a sparkling and beautiful product. Artisans who have honed their craft over many years painstakingly craft each item.


Edo kiriko lidded sake cups

There are 7 series' in total, which fuse traditional and new designs. This jewel-like lidded cup, which sparkles beautifully through a combination of vibrant coloring and skillful glass cutting, was designed by the Arii sisters.(Product dimensions Diameter approx. 72mm, height 66mm)

Company Outline

Company name Hirota Glass Co., Ltd.
Name of representative President Tatsuaki Hirota
Address 2-6-5 Kinshi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0013
Telephone 03-3623-4145
FAX 03-3623-8892
E-mail hirota-g@hirota-glass.co.jp
URL http://hirota-glass.co.jp/
Type of business Production of Japanese and western glass tableware, interior glass, glass ornaments, commercial tableware, edo kiriko, and other special orders
Year of establishment Established in 1899, incorporated in 1950
Capital ¥15 million