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Lifestyle Products

We are a complete dental technician lab service provider and developer of various businesses related to the oral cavity as well as beautiful and comfortable dental craft product. Our main product "Smile Denture" is an inconspicuous and natural denture. By adopting CAD / CAM from an early stage and digitizing dental technicians, we offer a fast and high quality custom-made dental craft.
All for the health and well-being of your mouth. SANWA uses technology and puts all effort to bring smiles to everyone.

Dentures & Prosthodontics [Dental Craft Product]



Since our founding in 1982, we have been working to improve quality and introduce new technologies with the motto of "Chewing is the source of life and beautiful teeth are the source of smiles" to satisfy our customers.
One of them is highly recognized as aesthetic denture "Smile Denture", our proudly present, since it is growing to become the main product with the highest market share in the industry.


Development and sales of Smile Denture and Smile Crown

What we value is the voices of dental clinics and patients.
Striving to "do" even difficult cases, "Smile Denture" and "Smile Crown" are products created from the voice of patients. By valuing the patient's perspective, lead us to the development of new products and services.


Dental products made by 3D scanners & printers

In 2011, Sanwa installed CAD/CAM, and started the digitization of technicians as soon as possible. In 2018, we started manufacturing an intraoral product with 3D scanner and printer. We can manufacture and deliver high-precision dentures that have both strength and beauty in a short period of time. Above all, even Metal Hypersensitivity can use titanium dentures made by 3D printer, which succeeded in reducing the manufacturing time with accuracy and strength than manufacturing by casting.

Company Outline

Company name Sanwa Dental (Thailand)Co.,Ltd
Name of representative Saowakon Boonin
Address 29&31Pravit Laeh Purn4 soi Udomsuk51, Sukhumvit103Rd. Bangchak,Prakanong,Bangkok Thailand 10260
Telephone 02-0629955
Type of business Complete Dental Technician Lab
Year of establishment 2015/12/22/
Capital ¥11 million