KeenusDesign Corp.


Electronic and Electrical

KeenusDesign Corp. is an equipment manufacturer that plans, designs, and produces products to deal with radiant heat and noise, while also dealing with high-frequency circuits. We achieve optimal design quickly and at low cost.

Main products and services


What is KeenusDesign Corp.?

With our flexible creativity, we response to various issues of various industries, which are our customers, such as electronic device manufacturer.
We develop and manufacture measuring instruments, various jigs, temperature controllers and coolers that forms inspection systems for semiconductor and electronic device industry.


Idea of "You will never know unless you try"

KeenusDesign Corp. leverages its flexible creativity to develop and manufacture measuring instruments, a range of jigs, temperature control mechanisms, and refrigeration mechanisms that make up inspection systems for semiconductors and electronic devices for our customers who represent various businesses such as electronic device manufacturers.


Differentiating ourselves through the motto "you'll never know if you don't try"

A major reason that we have a reputation for being able to customize our services to the particular needs of individual clients in ways that are not possible for a large business is that we have proactively adopted 3D CAD software and thermo-fluid analysis tools, which enables us to test our ideas as soon as we think of them. Even without creating the actual item, we are able to optimize the design and reduce greatly the time, effort, and cost incurred through trial manufacture. We are able to respond to specific needs in ways that are impossible for large businesses.

Company Outline

Company name KeenusDesign Corp.
Name of representative President: Junichi Tachibana
Address 3-1344-12 Tateno, Higashiyamato-shi, Tokyo, 207-0021
Telephone 042-516-8604
Fax 042-516-8605
Type of business Design, manufacture, and sale of measurement instruments, semiconductor tester peripherals, and measurement jigs
Design, manufacture, and sale of cooling and thermal regulation equipment for electronic devices
Year of establishment June 8, 2006
Capital ¥6 million