Nemoto Lumi-Materials Co., Ltd.


Chemical and Plastic

Nemoto Lumi-Materials Co., Ltd. has developed the luminous paint - LumiNova - for watch faces, and it is also used for applications such as electrical equipment, safety signs, and evacuation signs.The company has many patents for home appliance and sensor technologies.

Main products and services


Growing along with the rapid post-war expansion

Nemoto Lumi-Materials was founded in December 1941 as a company dealing in glow-in-the-dark ink and luminous paint. During the pacific war, luminous paint was used for applications such as the instrumentation of fighter planes and submarines. After the war, we transitioned to using luminous paint for the hands and faces of household clocks. Demand for clocks increased along with the rapid economic expansion after the war.


Luminous paints that are fit for the times

A global reduction in the use of radioactive material led to Nemoto Lumi-Materials deciding to abandon the use of all radioactive materials altogether, so we engaged in the development of products using phosphorescent materials which are able to glow due to the incorporation of a fluorescent substance. In 1993, we succeeded in developing LumiNova. At present LumiNova is used in a range of products, such as evacuation signs in subway stations.


Disaster and crime prevention goods using phosphorescent materials

LumiNova is an advanced material that uses phosphorescent materials to store light from its surroundings and emits that light when in the dark. This ability makes it visible in dark situations such as when outside at night or inside during a blackout, so it is widely used for evacuation signs etc. LumiNova is 10 times brighter than conventional luminous paints used in toys etc., and maintains its luminance for 10 times longer.

Company Outline

Company name Nemoto Lumi-Materials Co., Ltd.
Name of representative Chairman: Ikuyoshi Nemoto
President: Nobuyoshi Takeuchi
Address 4-10-9 Takaidohigashi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 168-0072
Telephone 03-3333-2770
FAX 03-3333-7344
Type of business Manufacturing (chemical engineering)
Year of establishment June 2008
Capital ¥80 million