Foods and Beverages

"Shio-Koji"is a traditional fermented seasoning of Japan made of only Koji, Salt water and Alcohol.
IP right is registered in Japan and USA.

Main products and services


''To value natural ingredients and craftsmanship'' is Hanamaruki Philosophy. Miso and Shio Koji are gift from nature. High quality and safe ingredients are formed to healty food by traditional technique=fermentation.


Ina Factory in Nagano Pref. got certification of FSSC22000, Otone Factory in Gunma Pref. got certification of ISO22000. Hanamaruki clears safe and sanitary production system in line with international standard.


CIA Seminar in USA is held attended by world top chefs, where an enormous admiration was given to Ekitai Shio Koji.

Company Outline

  • Mother Company:Hanamaruki Foods Inc.
  • Founded 1918
  • Manufacturer Miso、Shio Koji、Instant Miso Soup、Confectionary Ingredients
  • Official supplier in 1998 Nagano Olympic Games
  • 2012 Launched Ekitai Shio Koji
Name of representative DAISUKE KOIDO
Address 973 President Tower 14th Floor Unit1413 Phloenchit Road,
Telephone +66 (0)2-656-1619 Ext.1413
FAX +66 (0)2-656-1619 Ext.1422
E-mail koido@hanamaruki.co.jp
URL http://www.hanamaruki.co.jp/english.html
Type of business Supplier of Japanese Seasonings
Year of establishment Year 2015
Capital 2,000,000THB