Konno Corporation


Metal Products

Konno Corporation's Eagle Jack toe-lift jack has achieved a 70% share of the Japanese market by improving efficiency in the transportation and installation of heavy machinery.

Main products and services


Established in Tokyo's Kita Ward in 1961.

At the time of establishment Konno Corporation was a sheet metal processing business that specialized in hand-making medical and scientific equipment, such as sieves and medicine dispensing spoons. Now, Konno Corporation comprises three business areas, including our original sheet metal processing operations. Our products demand a high level of skill from our craftsmen, and our Eagle Jack toe-lift jacks comprise 80% of our sales. Eagle Jack toe-lift jacks are an original product that Konno Corporation has been producing for over 30 years. The form has now become the global industry standard.


What is a toe-lift jack?

Toe-lift jacks are often used in construction operations or vehicle repairs etc., and they produce several tons of power from mere muscle power. By adding a toe to a hydraulic bottle jack, toe-lift jacks make it possible to lift weight from a significantly lower position than when using regular portable hydraulic jacks.


Playing a role in a range of fields

When moving heavy machinery, we can improve performance in lifting, moving, and positioning operations. We provide jacks and hydraulic systems as components for new research instruments and devices. We can help to improve the efficiency of your plant production technology, facility management, track maintenance, civil engineering, construction, building transport, and renovation.

Company Outline

Company name Konno Corporation
Name of representative President: Hiroyoshi Konno
Address 1-22-4, Ogi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, 123-0873
Telephone 03-3890-3406
Fax 03-3856-1740
Inquiries http://eagle-jack.jp/contact/index.php
URL http://eagle-jack.jp/
Type of business Hydraulic machinery, sheet metal processing, contracted development
Year of establishment October 1969
Capital ¥30.2 million