Fuji Seira Co., Ltd.


Metal Products

From 1927, entering to 90th year of establishment as "manufacturing" enterprises of precise screw maker and distribute screw and metalworking parts.
Continually to be manufacturer and providing high quality, low cost and short delivery time of precise screws etc, to meet the needs of each era.

Main products and services

Manufacturer and distributor of metal products such as
Screw and Conventional fasteners etc.


We provide wide range of screws (fasteners) size from "S0.6 size" used for small equipment etc, to big size for large household appliances.
We can provide screw as specified in drawing or as your original "screw". Not only screws,we can provide mass order of machined parts, die-cast parts, small equipment etc. too


We have oversea production base in three countries (Thailand · Philippines · China), manufacturing and distribute screw, machined parts and die casting products.
Oversea base

  • CHINA: Kunshan Fuji Frontier Machinery Processing Co., Ltd.
    Fuji Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Original "Screw": Seal Up Screw

  • 1.Large contact surface of "Flat-type sealing packing" is automatically fasten to the surface of undercut part and greatly improves the waterproof / oil-proofing performance.
  • 2.Because the seal up screw of the flat type has a smaller sealing packing inner diameter than screw outer diameter, there is no falling off after fastening, moreover, it is usable without changing a current design.
  • 3.Since the size adhesion is larger compared to the round type O ring, it is alright to tighten even if it is unbalance. Also, you can use it immediately by changing screws.
  • 4.sealing packing material: NBR (nitrile rubber), SR (silicone) and FKM (fluoro rubber)
  • 5.cleared water resistance test of 115 MPa (equivalent to water depth of 11m)

Company Outline

Company name Fuji Seira Co., Ltd.
Name of representative Toshiyuki Takasu
Address 1-3-25 Higashiooi Sinagawa-ku Tokyo Japan
Telephone +81(0)3-3471-0911
FAX +81(0)3-3458-2443
E-mail info@fujiseira.co.jp
URL http://www.fujiseira.co.jp/
Type of business Manufacturere and distributor of Screw parts, Precision machined parts, Die-cast products, Forged parts, Sub-assemblies, Jigs / Labor-saving equipment, Die casting molds, RFID, Long-term care support equipment
Year of establishment 1927
Capital JPY92,160,000